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What is The Cigar Farm?

What is The Cigar Farm?

What is The Cigar Farm? 

The Cigar Farm is the online cigar shop I had been looking for, as a consumer, for years. It is my way of providing the products and services I craved, in a manner that I feel meet the needs of a real cigar nut. 

What are these products and services? 

First, The Cigar Farm aims to provide a variety of brands that target those that truly embrace the cigar community. These types of brands are often called “boutiques”, but to me, they are quality, unique, small companies that deliver fantastic and exciting products. I am proud of the way that I have built my humble inventory and I promise you will see continued growth.

Secondly, when I was solely a consumer, I quickly narrowed down my list of places I shopped with based on a handful of parameters: great “boutique” selection, a low free shipping threshold, the option to purchase singles, and great customer service. There are two shops that I routinely shopped with because they hit 3 out of 4 of these criteria - if you want to know which shops they are, just ask me and I will still gladly spread the good word!

I set out, with The Cigar Farm, to hit all of those marks and expand on them. I happily offer all cigars in singles and typically in 3 and 5 packs, as well as boxes or bundles. As mentioned earlier, I am always building the inventory to offer a great selection of cigars, and I encourage consumers to reach out to me with requests. I am eager to get each customer the cigars they want, whether or not I currently stock them. Shipping is free on orders over $50, and to take it a step further, most* orders ship using eco-friendly packaging from Eco Enclose and all non-box or bundle orders come with a Boveda pack. 

Lastly, and most importantly, I take customer service very seriously. I make an effort to be as accessible as possible, to be as accommodating as possible, and as prompt as possible in both response times and shipping times. Furthermore, I encourage engagement. I would love to talk to each and every person that visits the site to get advice, feedback, and answer any questions.  

In closing, I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to familiarize yourself with my site and my brand. I hope that I have the opportunity to show you that The Cigar Farm is an online cigar shop built by a consumer for the consumer.

Take Care!

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Trevor, great post. Says what needs to be said and hits the “old” sweet spot. FYI, I am going to be 81 this coming June, and I believe I am the oldest fart on CP, better know as the FOG. My “problem” if you want to call it that is I do remember the good old days when folks said thank you and actually spoke with you. By the way, great photo of you. Wish you success in general and on CP. Pugman

Edward Conway

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