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Vitola Battle: Despot Cigars Series J

Vitola Battle: Despot Cigars Series J

The Pyramide started a little off for my palate, as I am not a huge fan of oak forward blends, however, it really stepped it up in the last two thirds. It brought in some nice toasted nuts, coffee, and baking spices, while holding onto some earth and oak. The Pyramide also had the least performance issues. The Robusto had a great flavor profile throughout. It was a nice balance of earth and wood with some creamy fruit and baking spices. The problem was the performance from about the end of the first third. This was amplified in the final third and created a subpar ending. However, I will be smoking the Robusto again in hopes of better performance. I’m not generally a Lancero fan because I find they’re oftentimes, for me, more one dimensional and less nuanced. That was, for the most part, the case for this Lancero. I will say, I did enjoy the flavors provided, but they were not as dynamic as the other vitolas. The cigar would have rated higher had it not had the final third performance issues. Overall, the score is correct with the Pyramide being my favorite, however, I would easily smoke the Robusto over the Lancero, however, this sample had enough performance issues to knock it down to the bottom. At any rate, I think they all were solid cigars and I don't expect any performance issues to be the norm, so I would comfortably recommend these to people to try.”

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