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Standard & Twain March ‘22 Blind Tasting

Standard & Twain March ‘22 Blind Tasting

Cigar No. 131:

I found this cigar to be underwhelming. The cigar performed very well, so that is a plus. However, the level of flavor and body were not there for my preferences. If somebody likes a more “dark” flavor profile, but at mild-medium flavor and body level, with no strength, then this could be a good choice for them. What flavor I did get was pretty one-dimensional throughout, which made for a redundant experience given the long burn time. After seeing the reveal, I can say I have never had any cigars from this company. The blend on this definitely would have intrigued me enough to want to try it, however, based on this particular sample, I would have been disappointed. I personally won’t return to this cigar and don’t think I could recommend it to someone based on my experience with it.”

Cigar No. 132:

“Overall I would say this cigar was average, in a good way. The flavor profile was solid, but not super interesting or dynamic. The profile, overall, could be described as more savory. The primary notes were baking spices, wood, and earthiness throughout, with some complimentary citrus and cream notes. I wish the brown sugar sweetness in the beginning was present at various times throughout. I think some sweetness would have rounded out the profile nicely and added some depth and balance. The performance was solid throughout. There were no touch ups required, and the only real issue was the wrapper lifting and splitting for a small segment, but I don’t knock the cigar given the shape. After seeing the reveal I can say that I have never had this cigar or anything from the brand. At least nothing that I recall. At MSRP, I wouldn't revisit this cigar personally, nor do I think I would make a purchase recommendation. However, I think it was a solid offering at the price per cigar breakdown of this monthly subscription.”

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