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Standard & Twain Blind Tasting: June '22

Standard & Twain Blind Tasting: June '22

Cigar No. 143

"I thought this was an average, solid cigar. It performed perfectly until a minor touch up was needed in the final third. The profile was pretty linear with the only changes really being existing flavors faded while others became prominent. The only transition, really, was the addition of toasted nuts in the final third. This is in the category of, I wouldn’t buy this or necessarily recommend this, but I’d smoke it if someone gave it to me. As for my predictions, I was on track with the filler not being solely Nicaraguan, but I was not correct with the other component. I have never had this cigar, but have it in another vitola in my review lineup. I’m curious to see how the other vitola compares."

Cigar No. 144

"Overall I thought this was a solid offering. It was pretty straight forward with earth, pepper, different woody notes, and baking spices. I did really enjoy the pepper and creamy baker’s chocolate in the final third. I would smoke this again, but don’t know that I’d buy multiples to have on hand because I don’t think it is super unique. Upon the reveal I can confirm I’ve never had it, at least not that I recall, but was not surprised by the reveal as it seems in line with most things I have had from this company."

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