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Rambling Sessions (11/07/2023)

Rambling Sessions (11/07/2023)

Since the rebrand, I have been left with the task of building out Featherfoot Guitars. I reinstated the Instagram (@featherfootguitars) page for Featherfoot - deleting all the content that had been on there so I had a fresh slate - and I went ahead and grabbed the domain name. I have done some planning on where I want to take that brand, however, I hadn’t really done much consideration for where I want to start with the website.

So this morning I began preparations for the website. The struggle I am having at this point is taking what I have pictured in my head and creating a site from it. I am sure as I put more time into it I will figure it out, but when it comes to designs, I typically struggle at first at transforming an idea to a product. 

What furthers the difficulty with this particular project as well is that I have some bigger plans for the brand and site in the long term. However, I do not have a particular time frame in mind yet. So the biggest thing right now will be creating a web design that stands out and captures the essence of the brand, but is also able to be scaled in a manner that makes sense for the long term. 

Any creatives out there that have advice on getting an idea or design “unstuck” from your head?

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