Blog > Rambling Session - Weather (01/26/2024)

Rambling Session - Weather (01/26/2024)

Rambling Session - Weather (01/26/2024)

What a beautiful January day here in South Central PA! It’s sunny and in the 60s - a much welcomed treat after the cold snap we experienced mid January. This often gets me thinking, “well, I should just move to somewhere that is like this year round - or at least close to it!”

I don’t think I would actually like that though. My favorite weather is for sure sunny and low to mid 70s. Here in PA we get some pretty gnarly hot, humid summer days and frigid, dry winter days. I don’t care so much for those.. However, I do appreciate the variety of the seasons. I like a hot day spent breaking a sweat working around the farm, then cooling off in the pool. I do enjoy brisk chilly mornings and snow covered landscapes.

As a whole, I think my least favorite is the terrible hot, mucky summer days. The ones that steal your breath the moment you step outside and have you needing to change your wet clothes as soon as you make it back inside. I would rather put some extra layers on to go out into subfreezing temperatures.

What’s your favorite and least favorite weather?

As for my morning smoke, I had a Principle Cigars Frothy Monkey Corona Gorda. These are tasty smokes. They’re spicy, citrusy, and earthy. They also perform well and punch over their $7 price point! Worth checking out in my opinion.

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