Blog > Rambling Session - Valentine’s Day (02/13/2024)

Rambling Session - Valentine’s Day (02/13/2024)

Rambling Session - Valentine’s Day (02/13/2024)

So I have kind of settled into the routine of not making these blog posts on the weekend. Part of that is time and the other part is interest. I took a long weekend, so that is why I didn’t post yesterday as well. 

Today I didn’t smoke but this weekend I had some good stuff including the Black Label Trading Company Porcelain Robusto, the Artesano Del Tobacco El Pulpo Toro Grande, and the Tatuaje 10th Capa Especial Bon Chasseur. All three were solid cigars, but I’d rank them: El Pulpo, Porcelain, Tatuaje. 

How would you rank these if you’ve tried them? If you haven’t, how about you rank the last 3 cigars you smoked!

I didn’t smoke this morning because I woke up to more snow than I anticipated, so I had to clean off my vehicle and leave myself ample time to drive slowly this morning - which I needed. The roads were horrible this morning…

I also took this morning to prepare my wife’s Valentine’s Day gift. We are celebrating a day earlier due to schedules. Normally we don’t do gifts for Valentine’s Day - just cards and cook a nice dinner together. I felt like doing something for her. She is into plants and gardening, and this year is getting more into starting things from seeds. I decided that I would make her a bouquet of seeds instead of flowers.

I ordered a Pollinator Pack and a Cut Flowers Pack of seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Company - a really neat business with a great selection and awesome packaging. I then got her this adorable, small watering can for the house plants to use as the vase. I got everything together this morning, along with a little poem I came up with, and staged them on the kitchen island for her to see when she woke up. I think it was a hit!

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