Blog > Rambling Session - Updates (03/01/2024)

Rambling Session - Updates (03/01/2024)

Rambling Session - Updates (03/01/2024)

I am just doing a little check-in post today. Keeping it short and simple, as I am still getting over some ailment that struck aggressively Wednesday afternoon.

Update 1: Two months into the year I am on pace for my sales goals this year! That is exciting, and I owe a thank you to all of you all support this site!

Update 2: I just had a phone call this morning with a rep from Drunk Chicken Cigars and I will be getting some samples in to try. I have heard good things about the brand, and as this is The Cigar Farm, I think a partnership with Drunk Chicken cigars could be beneficial for both of us!

Update 3: Patina Cigars Oro De Nicaragua should be shipping later this month. I am super excited for this release! I dig everything Patina does and it is hard to imagine how this blend could disappoint: Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro Wrapper, Ecuadorian Sumatra Binder, Connecticut Broadleaf and Nicaraguan Fillers.  

Update 4: It is March and things are gearing up around the farm. We put a down payment on a couple Nigerian Dwarf goats and intend to get into milking and breeding some goats in the coming years. We are scheduled to have 15 new chicks delivered this month. We are making some improvements to the barn and fencing, turning half the shed into a larger chicken coop, planting a couple more peach trees, and gearing up for garden season. Busy times!

That is about all I got today. I have no smoke to share, as I wasn’t feeling up to one this morning. Hopefully I am back to near 100% this weekend because I have some work to do.

Take care,


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