Blog > Rambling Session - Tribes (02/05/2024)

Rambling Session - Tribes (02/05/2024)

Rambling Session - Tribes (02/05/2024)

This morning I launched the Black Label Trading Company and Black Works Studios stock that I got in this weekend. It has been a minute since I smoked anything in the Oveja Negra book of brands. I am changing that this week (I started yesterday), so most of my smoking this week will be something from them. Yesterday I lit up the Last Rites Robusto Real. It was fantastic. This morning I smoked the Killer Bee and it was also quite good! Perfect for a full bodied and flavored morning cigar.

A customer friend of mine that knew the Oveja Negra stuff was coming invited me to a Facebook group for the brand. I am not very active on Facebook, but I was impressed by the number of members and the activity. I shouldn’t have been surprised though. When it comes to the cigar world there are some brands that have fanatics. Two come to my mind right away -  Oveja Negra and RoMa Craft. 

Are you a fanatic of any particular brand/factory/company?

With the two brands mentioned above, these fanatics support anything and everything the companies have their hands in. I love it. Seth Godin would be proud of the Tribes they have created. They are a perfect example of his famed line “people like us do things like this.” 

As a small business owner, it's inspiring that kind of support and I hope to see it continue, and see other companies find and lead their own tribes.

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