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Rambling Session - Trees (04/10/2024)

Rambling Session - Trees (04/10/2024)

This morning I lit up the new Somm BDX Blanc Robusto. I got these in a couple days ago and the Robustos sold out promptly. I have Toros still in stock and more Robustos on the way. 

This morning was my first go with the blend and I gotta say, I really enjoyed it. It is tied with the BDX Gordo as my favorite Somm cigar at this point. This Blanc Robusto was an easy going smoke that offer toast, baking spices, some vanilla, and subtle citrus. Nothing crazy, but right up my alley.

So yesterday I was talking about pecan trees and rattled off a couple species I was likely going to get. Well, I ended up pivoting and purchased a Northern James Pecan Tree and a Pee Wee Hican Tree (Pecan X Hickory). Both are suited well for my growing zone and they’ll pollinate one another. 

I ended up not stopping there… I also ordered a Maekawa Jiro Persimmon tree and a Stella Cherry Tree. I have never eaten a persimmon but this variety sounded great, plus they look cool and are a great size. As for the cherry tree, I love the look of cherry trees and love the size as well. Not to mention I do enjoy cherries quite a bit!

Lastly… I didn’t order a paw paw tree like I wanted to. However, I did talk with a coworker that has some paw paws from last year. He is gonna bring them in and I am going to plant them in a few spots around the farm. I am not sure if I really enjoy paw paws since I’ve only eaten a couple, but I like the idea of them. So why not?

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