Blog > Rambling Session - To Finish or Not to Finish? (02/22/2024)

Rambling Session - To Finish or Not to Finish? (02/22/2024)

Rambling Session - To Finish or Not to Finish? (02/22/2024)

When you start reading a book and have trouble getting into it, or don’t really enjoy it, do you power through or stop reading it?

My wife had gotten the book The Power of Now, an extremely popular and highly rated book. She began reading it and very quickly reported back to me that she just could not get into it and she was going to put it down and revisit it later.

Earlier this week I was having a bit of anxiety about some upcoming stuff and was feeling a bit of lack of control of myself and my mind. I had just gotten some books in and did not want to order any more at the moment, but unfortunately none of them really fit the bill for what I thought may help me resolve my anxiety and recenter. That’s when I remembered The Power of Now. I figured I would give it a try, even though I hadn’t planned to, given my wife’s experience with it.

The first 40ish pages of it were lost on me. Much like my wife, I could not get into it. Quite frankly I wasn’t really fond of the writing and the impression it left on me of the author. Then it started to shift a bit. I seemed to have a bit of a better grasp on what he was trying to convey, and it seemed a little less preachy. That last till about the around page 100. Now, as of this morning I am into the 130s and I really can’t recall a thing that was written. It definitely bordered on “mumbo jumbo” as several low star reviews called it.

I think that there is something positive in the message and a couple okay tips, however, it is long winded, a bit pretentious, and not captivating. I am struggling to continue with it. To be honest, I may not continue beyond today if it doesn’t turn around. Then again, I have under 100 pages left and I don’t know that my OCD-like tendencies will allow me to stop reading it…

This morning I had a Black Star Line Dark War Witch. This may be my favorite blend from the Aganorsa factory… It is a full flavored and bodied, medium strength treat. It’s got earth, baking spices, pepper, and subtle creaminess and sweetness. I always enjoy this blend.

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