Blog > Rambling Session - To-Dos (12/28/2023)

Rambling Session - To-Dos (12/28/2023)

Rambling Session - To-Dos (12/28/2023)

Sometimes it seems like the to-do list never gets shorter!

I don’t just mean the daily stuff like dishes, laundry, etc - I’m talking about the big things like finishing the living room, repairing the barn roof and walls, etc. 

Those last two have been on ours for a bit now and today we decided we would take the last major step on finishing the living room by going to pick our flooring. After seeing the choices and talking with the guy, now we don’t know what we want again - eyeroll. 

Well once we settled down from that we decided to start tearing out the old barn wall while pap dropped of the pieces of roofing we needed. After some talking and working it looks like we may be redoing a larger portion of the wall with tin instead of T1-11… it’ll be better in the long run, but is a bit more work than originally planned for. 

Then my wife was showing pap her plans for converting half the shed to a chicken coop and we found out the roof has a couple leaks.. so now we need to put a new roof on the shed before we convert it… 

Oh, and we need to get hay yet this week. 

What’s your “big” to-do list looking like?

As for today's smokes, I kicked the morning off with a Principle Accomplice Maduro Toro. It’s always one of my favorite Maduros. Then, when we went to work on the barn my wife picked me out a Stolen Throne Call to Arms Corona.


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