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Rambling Session - Time (03/19/2024)

Rambling Session - Time (03/19/2024)

This morning I lit up the Casdagli Cigars Brothers of the Sabre Forrader Robusto. You can read my thoughts here. I originally brought these in as a special order for a customer and decided to get some extra to put up on the site. This was my first time smoking one and I was impressed.

As for today’s thoughts, I was thinking about the saying “not enough hours in the day”. This was in part because it has just been so darn busy around here lately. Yesterday was the first day in a while that we took it easy in the afternoon and evening because we got a cold snap. However, it still wasn’t that laid back. There always seems to be plenty that needs done. Then this morning I ran behind a bit because I was trying to finish some sanding on the guitar neck I have been working on. 

I found myself wishing I had an extra half hour this morning to work on it. Just as yesterday I found myself wishing I had an extra half hour after my daughter went to bed so I could finish up a few things without sacrificing precious wind down time before I went to bed. 

Time truly is our most valuable asset. 

I am a productive person. I do not like to, and do not, waste time. I try to ensure every moment has a purpose. Now, that doesn’t mean work all the time. I like to sit down and relax, but I like to do it on my own terms because then I have allocated that time. Just yesterday morning I woke up and immediately knew that I did have the energy or real desire to do meaningful work in the garage. Instead of spending that time lying on my phone or snoozing in 9 minute blocks, I got up, got ready, and sat in the recliner to relax and read before starting my day. I gave that time purpose.

I love to play with my daughter and that time may be the most important and productive time of all - even if it means I am up later than usual packing orders after she goes to bed. We don’t get time back. Every moment spent not playing with her is time I will never get to play with her. 

I treasure the time that I spend lying with my wife right up to the edge of sleep - sometimes falling asleep on her shoulder. Between work, chores, child rearing, and obligations, one on one time with my wife really only exists in small chunks of time through the week (20-30 minutes after I get home from work, while our daughter is still napping) and the hour or so we stay up after our daughter goes to bed. On the weekends we get the pleasure of having our daughter’s whole nap to be together. However, that really only became feasible when I reallocated my time to allow me to work on projects in the morning during the week while everyone else sleeps. 

I truly could use an extra 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Then again, that extra hour would just be consumed and leave me wanting another hour. And then another hour. And on and on. That just shows the value of time. 

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