Blog > Rambling Session - The Weekend (04/23/2024)

Rambling Session - The Weekend (04/23/2024)

Rambling Session - The Weekend (04/23/2024)

Yesterday I got in some Black Star Line Cigars including the rerelease of the Lalibela, the new Dark War Witch Pig LE, and the core line El Milagro Corojo. This morning I lit up the Lalibela Robusto because it seemed like it would hit my morning palate well and it certainly did.

So this past weekend I went away for the weekend with some friends. Nothing crazy - we just went up to one of their cabins as the bachelor’s party for my best friend. They all went up Friday while I waited till early Saturday to go up. We just spent some time outdoors, ate, had a fire, listened to and played music - just enjoyed some relaxing time together.

I was a day behind them coming up because this weekend was the first time in the nearly six years I have been married that my wife and I spent a night apart… It was also the first time since my nearly two year old daughter was born that I missed putting her to bed… I just couldn’t bring myself to be away for two nights the first time I was away at all. 

I got up early Saturday and left before everyone woke up for the day because that would have made it harder to leave - and it was hard enough as is. 

Once I got on the road I was able to start being a bit more excited and thinking less about being away.

Something I was concerned about was the fact that I knew there was a chance that cell service would be limited. Of course that was exactly the case. What I didn’t expect was that instead of that freaking me out, it actually calmed me down. 

So I had heard someone speaking on a podcast before about how we need to leave our phones out of the room when we don’t want to be on them because it actually requires a level of energy to NOT use our phones. I believe I confirmed this principle in a way. When my phone was rendered useless, I immediately was able to let go of some of my fears of being away and being needed because I really didn’t have a choice. I was there, I didn’t have service, I couldn’t do anything and wouldn’t know anything if anything happened, so why would I worry myself about it? 

It was an interesting experience, and I think I learned some things about myself.

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