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Rambling Session - The Road (07/11/2024)

Rambling Session - The Road (07/11/2024)

This morning I did a bit of work in the shop and had an Aganorsa Leaf La Validacion Habano. Another well done Aganorsa Leaf blend. 

Today, over lunch, I finished reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I picked this book up some weeks back when I was gathering some novels to experiment a bit with genres. I had heard decent things, but hadn’t started it yet until Tuesday of this week. It got moved to the top of my TBR pile after my wife showed me a video of a fellow ranking it as one of his tops for books that made him cry. 

I didn’t necessarily set out with the intent to cry, but I was intrigued to see what emotions it would invoke in me. I am a relatively easy crier, so I expected that - though, spoiler, I didn’t. I definitely did well up a bit at various points. 

At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel.

It was the first of its kind that I had read and I wasn’t so sure how I would feel about the style. I thought the style in which it was written took a little getting used to, but felt appropriate and fit the story. I was concerned that the book would be a bit too “sci-fi” for me. The fact that the focus was on the present and survival really left little room for “sci-fi”. Not knowing exactly what caused the present really bothers the part of me that likes closure, but also adds tension to the story. As for the feelings invoked in me by this work, the number one is tension. 

I felt so tense throughout because of the unknowns and the expectation of danger and trouble. As for other emotions, I felt loads of empathy for the boy (less so for the father), sadness during the flashbacks, excitement, and a bit of annoyance at times. I can say that I never felt bored during the read.  

I would certainly recommend giving this one a read. I don’t think it would suit every reader, but I think it is worth a try at least if you can handle some horror, sadness, disgust, etc.

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