Blog > Rambling Session - Tea (02/26/2024)

Rambling Session - Tea (02/26/2024)

Rambling Session - Tea (02/26/2024)

I kicked off this week with one of my favorites - the Patina Habano. The Precipitation is, as I have stated several times, my go-to cigar. This was the Rustic (robusto). It is very good as well, and worth checking out. You really should try all of Patina’s core line stuff via this Sampler.

Is anyone a tea drinker?

I have never really been into tea. Growing up my dad liked to have Lipton's powdered iced tea in a pitcher in the fridge. My grandmother always had a pitcher of steeped Lipton tea in her fridge. I never found either to be palatable. The only tea I ever really cared for was Arizona’s Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. It was cheap and tasty, though I doubt real tea connoisseurs would call that, or any variation of that, real tea.

Recently I decided I wanted to delve into real tea. The main inspirations were the health benefits of green tea and my interest in it after reading a book about the Japanese principle of Ikigai. Fortunately there is a little coffee roaster in town that I knew also had a nice selection of loose leaf teas. So I made a stop and got a handful of sample bags as well as a stainless steeper thingy. 

So far I have only experimented with the Jasmine Green Tea after lunch. I can’t say that I notice any caffeine effects from it, but it has been an enjoyable addition to my afternoon. It has taken me a few tries to get my ideal cup, or maybe I am just acquiring the taste for it. I am interested in trying some others.

If you have any tea recommendations, send them over!

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