Blog > Rambling Session - Sourdough (12/26/2023)

Rambling Session - Sourdough (12/26/2023)

Rambling Session - Sourdough (12/26/2023)

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday! 

Ours was pretty busy, thus why I missed a few days of posts. Just too much going on and plenty to do. 

I was gonna talk Christmas today, but I’m sure everyone has talked, and lived, enough Christmas. So I’m gonna talk sourdough. 

My wife has been watching and learning a lot about sourdough making the past several months. Well she got her starter active last week and has been experimenting. 

It’s quite a process between activating and feeding the starter and actually making the bread. She’s tried a couple methods and both are long processes, but the second one was a whole day of prepping the dough, and then baking the following morning. After the first couple loafs, using the first recipe, didn’t quite turn out, I’m happy to say she nailed the third loaf! It turned our fantastic and the loaf didn’t last but an hour or two at our “finger-food” style Christmas dinner. 

Anyone have any experience with sourdough?

As for my smokes today, I started off the day with a Foundation Metapa Maduro Corona Gorda. I let it rest for a bit after hearing some customers say the Maduro could use it. It smoked nicely this morning - though it wasn’t as “for me” as the Claro. This afternoon I had a Julian Sued Santa’s Here Again because that seemed fitting since I didn’t smoke yesterday. 

Take care. 


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