Blog > Rambling Session - Self-Imposed Schedules (03/20/2024)

Rambling Session - Self-Imposed Schedules (03/20/2024)

Rambling Session - Self-Imposed Schedules (03/20/2024)

This morning I lit up the Rosewood 1923 from Black Star Line Cigars. This blend comes from the Oveja Negra factory and is smoking very well right now. A lot of rich, decadent maduro flavor with some nice earth and pepper as well.

I made a critical error yesterday with regards to my garage work. 

My current guitar build has no deadline or prospective customer. I am just building what I want, how I want, when I can. However, it has been a lengthy build, but the end is in sight. I actually thought I would be ready to start preparing things for finish work. I was so confident that yesterday I planned out my next few mornings of work.

Well this morning I did some final sanding on the neck and when I wiped it with mineral spirits to clean it up and see how everything looked, I discovered that one of my hand cut maple inlay fret markers is darker than the others… I cannot understand why, as it was not noticeable when the neck was dry, and it was cut from the same exact piece of maple as the others..

Anyhow, this really wasn’t the error. Yes, this is a setback, as I had to chop out the inlay and try to get another one cut (plus an additional as I cut out the adjacent inlay as well to make a slight change), but that really doesn’t bother me. However, I ended the morning session frustrated because I ran out of time and ended on a bad note - not getting my inlay to fit correctly and thus not getting them glued in. 

The error I made was that, for the first time during this project, I put myself on a schedule. 

Yes, not getting the inlay cut correctly, which caused me to run out of time and not get it glued, was a bit frustrating. However, what frustrated me the most was that I had this vision in my head of where I would be by the end of the week on this project, and now I am going to be multiple days behind that. If I would have stuck with just going with the flow on it, I wouldn’t have been as frustrated by it.

I know better. 

I have since become “okay” with how things are, however, I could’ve easily avoided the early morning aggravation and “I wish I had more time” internal monologue if I wouldn’t have created a self-imposed deadline. 

Lesson learned… again.

Take care,


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