Blog > Rambling Session - Season’s Change (03/12/2024)

Rambling Session - Season’s Change (03/12/2024)

Rambling Session - Season’s Change (03/12/2024)

This morning I was feeling a little more up to doing some things in the garage, as opposed to yesterday, so I grabbed an HVC Black Friday 2019 I recently received as a gift from a customer. I smoked a handful of these upon initial release and it was interesting to see how these changed through the years. The most interesting thing to note was that, from my memory, the initial release had tons of cane sugary sweetness, while this aged one had it really dialed back to more of a sweet vanilla. 

So we are rapidly approaching Spring time. That means warmer days, things greening up, the homestead kicking into gear, and of course, the influx of chores and improvements that always come with the season’s change… 

We have 15 more chicks coming in today or tomorrow, which brings our flock to 29. As a result we have been ramping up the work of converting half of our shed to a chicken coop to replace our current, small coop. My wife and grandfather have done much of the leg work when they can coordinate a morning or two through the week while I am at work, however, I have pitched in when I can. What always seems to happen with these projects is that once we get started, we run across a plethora of issues or other things that need to be addressed as a result of wear and tear or needed improvements. 

For instance, we found some water issues in the shed (we knew of some, but not the extent), so now we have to do some work to the roof and replace some of the plywood under the siding and devise a plan to avoid the issue recurring. We also have some baby goats coming this month and in preparation for that we are making some changes in the barn. In reviewing those changes we have had to repair/improve some things that previously haven’t been an issue.

The good thing about these types of occurrences is that it brings to your attention little things that go unnoticed or ignored. It also adds a sense of urgency to other things that have been put off. The downside is the to-do list tends to grow instead of shrinking. Two steps forward, one step back as it were.  

What’re some of your big projects going into spring?

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