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Rambling Session - Rotations (03/07/2024)

Rambling Session - Rotations (03/07/2024)

Yesterday I received some samples from Drunk Chicken cigars, and this morning I lit up the Living the Dream Robusto to try. It was a solid blend that showcases citrus, wood, baking spices, and subtle earthiness throughout. I was impressed with the performance and the cigar as a whole. It wasn’t anything unique, but it was a solid cigar I would smoke again.

What gets a cigar into your rotation?

So the Living the Dream, as I mentioned, was a solid cigar, but nothing unique for me. However, I would happily smoke it again. Would it make it into my rotation? Now that is a tougher question. 

I don’t really have a “rotation” per say, as I am constantly smoking different things as research for new inventory, showcasing products, or smoking some things I have had for a bit or was gifted. So for me, I define a “rotation” as the regular production cigars that I smoke repeatedly (albeit, sometimes months apart) and am willing to pay for when I do it. 

So, as for the regular production side: I don’t think any LE can count as being in the rotation since they will run out. As for smoking repeatedly, I would say maybe 2 a quarter on average? Now, that may not seem like a lot, but again, even though I smoke frequently, I HAVE to smoke different things. So my repeat smokes are often infrequent. 

Now, the biggest thing for me is the “am willing to pay for when I do it” part. This really narrows down the choices for me. There are a ton of great cigars out there, and cigars that I personally would label as “good” or “solid” - which translates to “I would smoke this again”. However, when it comes down to cigars that I would pay for to smoke over and over again, versus paying for a “new-to-me” cigar, is really not all that long. 

I guess you could also add “cigars that fit a specific craving” in there as well as something that could be in my rotation. To be honest, I think I can be pretty boring with the types of cigars that I smoke the most. My palate often lends itself to the more middle of the road flavors on the “flavor wheel”. However, there are times that I do get a specific craving (maybe every few months) and a particular cigar is the only thing that will satisfy. 

Anyways, as for the case of the Living the Dream from Drunk Chicken Cigars: I think that it could very easily make it into my rotation IF it is consistent the next time or two that I smoke it. 

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