Blog > Rambling Session - Questions on Vitola (06/26/2024)

Rambling Session - Questions on Vitola (06/26/2024)

Rambling Session - Questions on Vitola (06/26/2024)

What is your favorite vitola? Take a moment to answer the questions below, if you don’t mind, as it will help me out AND give you a chance at a $10 gift card!

As I hope you have seen, I have been working on a series of posts entitled Pulling Back the Curtain. The intent is to share how I operate and my opinions and insights into the cigar industry from a retail perspective. I am working on doing a post for the series on vitolas - what I see on my site, what I see on various platforms, and what feedback I received from the following questions.

I am interested in:

  1. What is your favorite vitola?
  2. What is your least favorite vitola?
  3. What vitola do you smoke most often?
  4. How long have you been a cigar smoker?
  5. How often do you smoke cigars?

I am very interested in the results of questions 1 and 3. 

As for me,

  1. The Rothschild/Petite Robusto
  2. Gordo/Magnum/or other names for large cigars
  3. Robusto
  4. 11 years
  5. Nearly daily

My intent is to pull together the answers from this questionnaire, my sales data, and general observations I have made to share some insights. 

If you are interested in participating, leave a comment below with your answers. You will also be entered into a random drawing for a $10 gift card! Let’s cut this off at the end of day Sunday (06/30)!

Thanks and take care,


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Thank you to those that participated! Congrats to Fuhnahtik for being randomly selected!


1. Corona Gorda
2. Donger
3. Robusto, it’s the most common vitola
4. 9 years
5. 1-3 times a week

Ryan Smith

1) Robusto/petit perfecto

2) Big cigars like Churchill, Gordo, etc

3) Robusto and Corona

4) I have smoked a few cigars over the years but seriously got into it about 1 month ago

5) 2-4 times a week

William C

My list is very similar to yours,

1. I prefer a robusto / Toro the first time I try something and almost always gravitate toward a smaller ring gauge after that – like a corona gorda. The reason being is most blenders start with those Toro vitolas, so that’s their intended blend IMO.

2. Least favorite are larger ring gauges as the puffing is different and the flavor profile typically has less depth and concentration.

3 is probably the same thing mentioned above; robusto or corona gorda. lately though I have fallen back in with lanceros after avoiding for many years due to construction problems.

4 – 5. smoking seriously (ha!) since 2012, and usually about every other day on average (around 160 a year last few years).


1) Corona Gorda
2) Anything w an RG >= 56
3) Corona Gordas/Robustos
4) < 1 year
5) ~5/week

Andrew L

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