Blog > Rambling Session - Podcasts (01/17/2024)

Rambling Session - Podcasts (01/17/2024)

Rambling Session - Podcasts (01/17/2024)

Are you primarily a podcast listener, music listener, or both?

I tend to operate in cycles, but this latest cycle is definitely the longest. I have been avidly listening to podcasts while working and driving for the last 4 or 5 months. At home we often have Alexa playing music for background noise, and when I drive with my wife we just let the local radio play. However, when I am the sole listener and chooser of what is playing, it has been podcasts. 

Again, this hasn’t been terribly uncommon, as I would usually go in a 3-4 week cycle of music, then podcasts, then music, then podcasts. Lately I have just found much more entertainment and satisfaction listening to podcasts that offer knowledge and insight into whatever I am most interested in at the time. The content of my listening has been a departure from the podcasts I had historically listened to as well. I would normally play a cigar podcast, guitar related podcast, or basketball podcast. Now I am listening to a lot of podcasts on business, psychology, health, etc. 

For now I am primarily a podcast listener, but I am sure there will be a music phase again some time soon. Possibly the reason for this change too is that we do leave music on more now at home in the background, and that could be giving me my fix. 

Anyhow, this chilly morning I filled up the garage with smoke from a Somm BDX Robusto. This is a pretty good morning cigar choice. It’s got that darker backbone to its flavor profile that I prefer in the mornings, but the flavors are not abrasive or overpowering for a morning smoke either. 

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