Blog > Rambling Session - Playoff Predictions (04/17/2024)

Rambling Session - Playoff Predictions (04/17/2024)

Rambling Session - Playoff Predictions (04/17/2024)

This morning I was craving something dark and strong, so I went with a Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Robusto Real. It definitely fit the bill for what I was in the mood for and was quite satisfying.

So last night kicked off Play-In action for the NBA playoffs this season. I didn’t watch any of either game. We are a busy bunch at home lately and by the time we have had a chance to sit down it is to settle our daughter for bed, then it's back to getting last minute things done before we get to bed. I’m hoping to watch some playoff basketball, but I also don’t have cable and haven’t quite felt up to paying for a few months worth of a streaming service like YouTube TV. We’ll see. 

So, I am giving my guesses for how these playoffs will shake out. I am certain I will butcher this big time. Also, since round 1 of the West Play-Ins happened last night, I will obviously not include that game in my predictions. I will pick the winner and the games (in parenthesis).

Play-In Round 1 Winners: Sixers, Hawks

Play-In Round 2 Winners: Kings, Heat

First Round West: Thunder (5), Mavericks (6), Timberwolves (5), Nuggets (5)

First Round East: Celtics (6), Magic (7), Bucks (6), Sixers (6)

West Second Round: Thunder (6), Nuggets (7)

East Second Round: Celtics (4), Sixers (7)

Conference Finals: Nuggets (5), Celtics (5)

Finals: Nuggets (6)

The Knicks-Sixers first round was tough for me because I have a gut instinct to say the sixers could have that round in 4 or 5 games, but my brain is saying that this could go the Knicks way. So I gave it to the Sixers in 6. The next one that was troublesome was the inevitable Timberwolves-Nuggets matchup. That is going to be a good series. 

Besides those, I didn’t have too much trouble picking a winner and I just went with my gut on the games. I think the Nuggets repeat this year unless they see the Bucks in the finals. It’s strange how that works. I think that the Celtics have all the east teams handled, but I think the Nuggets get them. I think the Bucks are weak on the eastern side of the bracket, but if they get to the finals I think they could beat the Nuggets. I don’t know. I am far from an expert. 

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