Blog > Rambling Session - Pickleball (02/27/2024)

Rambling Session - Pickleball (02/27/2024)

Rambling Session - Pickleball (02/27/2024)

So yesterday I finally played pickleball. My wife had played some last year at the park with my mother and niece. She enjoyed it quite a bit and has wanted me to get out to play. We ended up getting some paddles and balls for Christmas, and yesterday we got nice enough weather to finally go out and play. We met up with my mom and niece to play some.

I can definitely see why it is so popular. It seems simple enough, relatively low impact, and fun for all ages (our sub-2 year old daughter enjoyed hitting the balls, I enjoyed it, and another group had an elderly woman playing and enjoying it). Most importantly, it was a nice chance to get outdoors and move some. 

I actually ended up working up a little bit of sweat because, like most activities like that, I get it into pretty quickly and like to go hard. I can see why my wife made some remarks leading up to it that I would probably be a bit too competitive… 

For me, if I am playing something, I want to be all in. Whether I am playing with a bunch of newbies or playing with experts, I like things to be serious, follow the rules, and be played with some level of intention and intensity. For me that is fun. That is how I get into a state of flow with things. I get bored just haphazardly performing a task under the level that I know it can and/or should be done. 

Anyhow, what are some other activities that are kind of in the same category? (i.e. low intensity yet active, and competitive). One that quickly comes to my mind is corn hole.

As for today’s smoke, I went back for a Patina. This time it was the Connecticut Rustic from the Sampler. This is a top-of-the-line Connecticut shade smoke for me. Always a great and satisfying blend!

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