Blog > Rambling Session - Pecans (04/09/2024)

Rambling Session - Pecans (04/09/2024)

Rambling Session - Pecans (04/09/2024)

This morning I lit up the Black Works Studio Paper Crane Corona. You can read the review here. Personally, the Toro resonated more with my palate than this Corona, however, I think this was a good cigar and could bridge the gap to Connecticut Shade cigars for someone that prefers the more potent, earthier Habano wrapped Nicaraguan cigar. 

So here on the farm (I guess technically we are aspiring to be more homesteaders than farmers) we are working more and more towards increased self sustainability. This includes always expanding the garden, increasing our egg production, taking on goats for milk production, and maybe one day getting into raising some animals for meat - though that one has been the topic of most debate. 

Something that my wife and I have not thought about until I started looking into yesterday is nut trees. We attempted to grow apple trees before we learned about Cedar Apple Rust - a fungus that thwarted our dreams of growing apples. Now we have decided to lean into peach trees and currently have three. I am not much of a peach eater but they are my wife’s favorite fruit, and I’ll eat them if we have them.

Yesterday I was munching on pecans and was thinking about how much I enjoyed them and walnuts - my two favorite nuts. I then thought about how expensive this bag was. This resulted in some investigative work. 

My wife and I have never heard of anyone locally growing nut trees, but as it turns out, there are plenty of varieties that are suitable for our area. After some research I am strongly considering planting either a Desirable Pecan and Stuart Pecan tree or a Amling Pecan and Stuart Pecan tree. 

This would further advance us to our goal of self sustainability as it would provide another source of food that would be great for snacking, baking, and making nut butters. It is officially on the radar.

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