Blog > Rambling Session - PCA Releases (03/15/2024)

Rambling Session - PCA Releases (03/15/2024)

Rambling Session - PCA Releases (03/15/2024)

This morning I lit up an IGM 537 Rockets that I received as a sample from Casdagli Cigars. IGM 537 is the line of cigars created by the IGM Cigar Factory in Costa Rica (that Casdagli works with) that Casdagli cigars is now distributing. This 4 x 60 perfecto had a lot of flavor and body with notes of oily wood, baking spices, and citrus. It was a perfect performer as well. 

The IGM 537 is available now at some retailers (I haven’t brought them on yet, but very well may), however, they’re going to be officialing introduced at PCA next week. I, unfortunately, will not be attending the show, however I have been following along with the press releases to see what’s happening.

What release are you most excited about?

For me, I was super intrigued when I saw Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust dropping that #GFY Lancero collection. I am not a lancero smoker by any means, however, his #NLMTHA may be my all time favorite lancero, and this kind of self-admitted cash grab from Saka has piqued my interest. Keeping with DT&T, that Umbagog Bronzeback was another eye catcher for me. I LOVE the Umbagog blend and I’ve said before that a 5 x 48 is my holy grail vitola.

Moving on, Smoking Jacket Cigars is releasing the Mini Heinke (FYI I already have some inbound for the site…). The toro sized Heinke is great, KBF is great, and the blend and size on the mini look great. Definitely excited for this one to get here.

The Joya De Nicaragua Clasico Medio Siglo has my attention. JdN is an underestimated brand and the packaging and blend in this one really has me intrigued.

The moving of El Gueguense and The Wise Man Maduro from Aganorsa to My Father is an interesting choice by Nick Melillo of Foundation. Personally, I am not a huge Aganorsa fan, but I am less a fan of My Father. There is NOTHING wrong with either factory or their tobaccos, but they usually miss my palate. Of course there are exceptions, so I will likely try these to see how they are.

Possibly one of the things I am most interested in is the blended Cromagnon from RoMa Craft Tobac. I am a big fan of the Cromagnon line, so I hate to see a reblend. However, I am so dang interested in a Pennsylvania Broadleaf Cromagnon. Maybe because I am a PA’er? Maybe because PA Broadleaf wrapper usage is kind of uncommon nowadays, and the cigars I have smoked with that wrapper have hit my palate well? Maybe because I am excited to compare? 

Oveja Negra Brands is going to have a big year I believe, and the Paper Crane from Black Works Studios is definitely a release not to miss. James Brown makes great Connecticut, so I am amped to see what he does with the Desflorada leaf. Hopefully I can get some of these..

The Powstanie Connecticut has been a hot seller for me, and I know the Corona Gorda is gonna kick ass. 

I will wrap this up with Black Star Line Cigars. The Marun will be a new release that sees Black Star Line work with another factory - La Zona. I love the way Aric uses so many factories. This diversity is reflected in the cigars he produces. All are unique and exciting in their own ways. He also is launching new Lalibela sizes and a perfecto Dark War Witch! (FYI, I am getting these new things in…)

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