Blog > Rambling Session - Next Builds (04/11/2024)

Rambling Session - Next Builds (04/11/2024)

Rambling Session - Next Builds (04/11/2024)

This morning I lit up a Smoking Jacket Classic Favoritos. The Favoritos is full of baking spices and wood with some subtle sweetness of the dark brown sugar variety. I was working on applying some sanding sealer I tinted black to the current guitar body I am working on. That explains the black specks all over my hand.

I am into the finishing stages with this current build and I talked a few weeks back about my next build being a whiskey barrel guitar build. That is likely going to be the next one, though it may be done alongside another build I dreamt up recently. The whiskey barrel build will be a fun build and a bit of a redemption story. However, I have “been there, done that”. 

I really enjoy things that I haven’t done. Things that test my limits and are a new expression. This new project I have come up with would be another first for me. I have been looking at sourcing some Mahogany and Birdseye Maple for it. If you know any good sources, let me know!

This would be my first time working with Mahogany and using Birdseye. I also am looking at doing some interesting joinery for attaching the Birdseye to the center block Mahogany that will be one piece from tail to headstock - another first for me. I have a sketch of my plans and some measurements. I just need material and time…

This weekend I may have time to start tearing down the Buffalo Trace barrel I have so I can start preparing wood for that build. It would be nice to have another one to start while I get through the finishing work on this current build. Normally I am against projects going at the same time, but I think that is because when I have built two guitars at the same time I was doing them side by side. There was not stepping away from one to get a break by working on a different process. I think having multiple builds at different stages would actually be quite beneficial.

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