Blog > Rambling Session - New Cromagnon (03/26/2024)

Rambling Session - New Cromagnon (03/26/2024)

Rambling Session - New Cromagnon (03/26/2024)

This morning I was back in the garage getting some work done. I grabbed a Smoking Jacket Classic Robusto as my morning smoke. What a pleasing cigar. It was a nice medium to medium-full experience with solid, savory flavor notes. Nothing crazy or super unique, just a steady, enjoyable cigar. 

I have seen the RoMa Craft Cromagnons with the new PA Broadleaf wrapper landing at some shops and I am pretty excited to try one of them. As a Pennsylvanian I have an affinity for PA Broadleaf. Most often it is found as filler leaves (there’s only a handful of PA wrapped cigars that come to mind off hand), so when I see a blend use it as a wrapper, I get excited. 

Furthermore, I loved the original Cromagnon blend. I will miss it, but my love for it makes me even more curious to see what a different wrapper will be like. 

If there is a cigar to try this with, I think Cromagnon is a perfect choice. I did some tests on the Cromagnon and Aquitaine (same filler and binder blend, but different wrappers) with and without wrappers. The results can be read here

All I can say is: the core blend works with various wrappers. Outside of the Cromagnon and Aquitaine, the core blend is also used on the Fomorian, Black Irish, Sabertooth, Don Bosch, and has been used on some of the Craft releases. It always works. 

It’s a brave move to alter one of your core blends and likely best sellers, but I trust that time and care went into the process. I also appreciate the continued use of USA tobacco, versus going to something like Mexican San Andres. 

I’ll be getting some soon to try for myself!

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