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Rambling Session - Music (04/19/2024)

Rambling Session - Music (04/19/2024)

Yesterday I missed a post just because I got quite busy and didn’t make time. I didn’t have a smoke to report on, so nothing missed there. This morning I lit up a Casdagli Brothers of the Sabre Brave Robusto. This blend is better in the larger vitola in my opinion. The Forrader is better in the robusto. There is nothing wrong with this Brave Robusto, it just wasn’t as much for my palate in this format.

Today Taylor Swift dropped a new album. I am not a “Swifty” by any means, however, I have always enjoyed her music throughout her whole career and I think she is a great artist and role model. I did seek out the song she did for this new album with Post Malone. The song is called “Fortnight” and it is pretty good!

So music has always been a big part of my life. I have always loved listening, interpreting, singing, and making music. I listened to that Taylor Swift song this morning before listening to some Goo Goo Dolls, then Adele, then… 

It is interesting to see how music tastes change over time. I was raised on what I guess would now be called Prime Country. Then when I got into middle school I started to get into classic rock and metal. Then that completely flipped to classic country. Then blues. Then a more modern, outlaw country. 

For the most part, in those phases, that was pretty much all I listened to intentionally. Typically it was what wasn’t popular amongst other people my age - maybe a bit of a hipster trait in me I guess. I avoided the mainstream, popular stuff.

Then something changed (probably my maturity level) and I started to embrace pretty much any music that connects me, without regard for genre, popularity, etc. 

I play guitar, I sing, I write - I am a creative. Nowadays I appreciate art - no genre distinction necessary. I just wish I had that mindsight in my earlier years because I sure could have used some different songs at different points in my life.

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