Blog > Rambling Session - Monthly Cigar Clubs (01/25/2024)

Rambling Session - Monthly Cigar Clubs (01/25/2024)

Rambling Session - Monthly Cigar Clubs (01/25/2024)

So I have long been thinking about monthly cigar clubs. There have been a few times that I had considered starting one. I think they are beneficial for both the online store (recurring monthly revenue is always a plus), but they are also beneficial for members (monthly cigars picked for you, usually at a discount, and it’s a fun surprise). 

The issue lies in that there are SO many monthly cigar clubs out there. Unfortunately I think that most of them are subpar, however, there are certainly some of them that really nail it! The problem for me has been: how do you create a club that provides value and sets itself apart from the clubs that already do a great job? This is a harder task as a micro retailer (me) who doesn’t have a super extensive customer list or inventory (yet..). 

I have an offer in mind that I think solves that problem, and provides a generous out for members that feel otherwise. However, I’d like some advice from you:

What do you, or would you, look for in a monthly cigar subscription?

I have some goals I would like to hit before diving more in depth to this, but I want to be prepared and continue to hone my proposed offer. 

As for today’s smoke, I forgot to snap a picture, but I smoked a Tatuaje Black Petit Robusto from the Short Smokes Sampler. This is quite possibly my favorite Tatuaje.. The blend smokes wonderfully in this format. It isn’t overpowering, nor mellow. It isn’t overly complex, nor a “one note song”. Always a pleasure!

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I would also like a cigar club that offered boutique cigars. There’s so many good boutique brands out there not getting enough recognition. Also some nice cigar swag and/or accessories included every few months.

Tish Grant

I would look for consistency, such as all the cigars being the same vitola (like a tasting seminar) or coming from the same factory etc. Perhaps the same wrapper leaf, or country of origin although I think you’ll get too far away from consistent unless you consider the same vitola.


I would look for a monthly cigar subscription to have about 5 boutique cigars, all of different shapes, sizes, strengths, and body; and it would cost around $40-50 a month. Obviously, I’m looking for a deal on these cigars, as they would be samples of new things to try.


Obviously value is the biggest thing I would look for. Putting together a good presentation with some educational material about each cigar would really make it more attractive to me also. I have a local shop that offers a monthly tasting menu. It comes with a selection of cigars not yet offered on their shelves and printout organized like menu giving you information on the blend, origin, tasting notes, pairing recommendations, etc.

Ryan Smith

I like a good surprise, not knowing what I am getting is what I like. Good value and good cigars also.


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