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Rambling Session - Migraines (04/16/2024)

Rambling Session - Migraines (04/16/2024)

Happy Tuesday.

This morning I smoked one of my go-tos: the Patina Habano Precipitation. This, as I have reiterated multiple times, is my Desert Island cigar. It also hits the mark for me and leaves me satisfied.

I missed a post yesterday because I got a pretty bad migraine and didn’t want to be on the computer as much as I could be. 

I have battled migraines since I was younger. I used to get them multiple times a week. Oftentimes I woke up with them. I managed to drastically alleviate that by getting sleep tested which determined I had pretty bad sleep apnea. Once I started sleeping with a CPAP I saw an immediate and substantial reduction in my migraines. 

As I got older I would still get them just about monthly I would say. After making some changes to my overall health and wellbeing, I got that down some more to spurts every couple months. They were less frequent, but became clustered. Oftentimes I would go two or three months between and then get one two or three days in a row. 

About 8ish months ago I made some more changes - I virtually stopped drinking alcohol and also began taking electrolytes every morning and some more vitamins and minerals later in the day. Since making those changes I have had maybe 2 or 3 migraines. It would be foolish to think that there isn’t a relationship…

My migraines start with an aura - a squiggly blind spot in my vision that gets increasingly larger. It really messes with me, however I don’t get pain yet. Then once that fades, the pain sets in and leaves me miserable for hours. I wish I had some advice for relieving them, but to be honest, I haven’t found anything short of just trying to go to sleep. 

The best I have is to practice mindfulness and acceptance. Maybe meditate. The issue I have always had when I get migraines - and part of this is symptomatic - is I get very irritable and can get angry. I used to get so aggravated because they wreak havoc on my day and even once the pain subsides, they leave me so exhausted. However, I find that if I let myself become angry or aggravated, it just makes the already bad experience worse and the crash is harder. 

Accept that it is happening. You can control your feelings, not the discomfort.

Take care,


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