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Rambling Session - Japanese (02/21/2024)

Rambling Session - Japanese (02/21/2024)

Good morning, 

This morning I grabbed a Segovias De Esteli Maduro Robusto to smoke and decided I would give it a review. If you’re interested in that review, you can view it here on Whiskey & Whitetails. I won’t get into much detail in this post about the cigar since the review has all my thoughts.

Is anyone fluent in any other language(s)?

This may seem like a random and odd question. It is, given the context of this site. 

I am solely an English speaker and I have forgotten nearly all of my high school Spanish. I recently read Hidden Potential by Adam Grant and in it he talks about polyglots - people who know and can use several languages. I have never really had an interest in learning another language, however, the idea of a polyglot has stuck with me since I read that book. 

I am seriously considering learning Japanese - or at least getting a basic understanding of the structure of the language. 

My fascination with Japan started when I began getting into woodworking, and more specifically, hand tool woodworking. I am fascinated by Japanese joinery, furniture, and architecture. I have also always found immense beauty and peace in their gardens. More recently, as I have done more reading regarding philosophy, I have become increasingly enamored by the Japanese way of life. 

As it stands, Japan is certainly on the top of my “places to visit” list. I am not sure when that will be, and I am not an international traveler, but one day... 

I have been thinking about preparing for that day by starting to familiarize myself with the language.

Take care,


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