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Rambling Session - Jackson Browne (03/11/2024)

Rambling Session - Jackson Browne (03/11/2024)

Happy Monday!

I don’t have a cigar to report on, as this weekend did a number on me: Saturday was miserable and raining all day so I spent most of the day undergoing a kitchen sink installation. Yesterday was tremendously windy with some snow squalls. We spent most of the afternoon redoing some fencing that urgently needed it. I woke up quite tired and not in the mood to do much or be cold. So I just sat peacefully on the recliner for a little bit before leaving the house.

I did smoke a few cigars this weekend: the Drunk Chicken Fat Hen, the Drunk Chicken Mother Clucker, and the Patina Oro De Nicaragua Toro Extra. All three were quite enjoyable! I have been pretty impressed with the Drunk Chicken cigars thus far!

I mentioned sometime back that I had been mainly listening to podcasts as opposed to music. Today I have just been in a bit of a fog and haven’t really had the mental capacity for a podcast, so I have been jamming to Jackson Browne all day. I have never really had a favorite musical artist, but I feel like in the past couple years I have listened to more Jackson Browne than any other artist. He is a lyrical genius and his arrangements are incredible and engaging. 

In my opinion, the For Everyman album and Late for the Sky album may be two of the greatest complete albums I have ever listened to. I could listen to both albums continuously for days. Masterpieces. 

Are you a fan of Jackson Browne? If you are, share your favorite album(s) and/or songs!

Interestingly, I don’t know that either of those two albums carry my favorite singular songs from him. If I was picking favorites it is hard to vote against songs like “Running on Empty”, “Doctor My Eyes”, or “Somebody’s Baby”. I have to give the nod to a couple from those albums like “These Days” and “Fountain of Sorrow”. Some of my other tops are “Barricades of Heaven”, the acoustic rendition of “Shape of a Heart”, “Call it a Loan”, and “Tender is the Night”. There’s so many.

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