Blog > Rambling Session - Honduran Tobacco (01/19/2024)

Rambling Session - Honduran Tobacco (01/19/2024)

Rambling Session - Honduran Tobacco (01/19/2024)

This morning I lit up an Aladino Petit Corona. These little 4 x 40 Honduran Puros may be my favorite smoke in the Short Smokes Sampler I have on the site. These are delicious and perform brilliantly. They’ve got some nice baking spices, citrus, wood, and are what I would call “Cuban-esque”. Great stuff.

Aladino Cigars are made in Honduras with primarily Honduran tobaccos (actually, I think their Maduro and Connecticut are the only non-Honduran puros). Honduran tobacco is far and away the tobacco I smoke the least of. At one time that was with intent, as I did not really care for a lot of the cigars I had smoked that used Honduran tobacco. However, in recent years, my palate has been more receptive to it (mainly because of Aladino). 

People have their preferences, as with everything. What’s your preferred nation for tobacco?

Personally I used to lean heavily towards Nicaraguan tobacco. It typically just seemed to hit my palate best. This went for Nicaraguan puros or cigars with Nicaraguan binder and fillers that utilize Ecuadorian wrappers or Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers. Over time, as I smoked more and my palate evolved, I have found that I am more open. I do enjoy Dominican tobacco quite a bit now. As I mentioned above, I find Honduran tobacco enjoyable as well. 

Really at this point the tobacco that I can still be a bit hesitant on is San Andres. More specifically, San Andres wrappers. I have enjoyed plenty of cigars with San Andres tobacco, and I do find it to be a great binder. However, as a wrapper, I sometimes find it to overpower the blend and then the cigar begins to just taste like all the other San Andres wrapped cigars. I also can get a minerality in the flavor profile that doesn’t quite resonate with me as well.

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