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Rambling Session - Goats (04/08/2024)

Rambling Session - Goats (04/08/2024)

Happy Monday.

This morning I did continue my fret work in the garage, but I didn’t feel like having a cigar this morning, so I have no smoke to report on today. Though I will say, I smoked the Principle Time To Burn Maduro and the Black Works Studios Paper Crane this past weekend and both were excellent. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the Principle as much as I did being that it was made at EP Carrillo’s factory. There is nothing wrong with Carillo’s products, just that his signature flavor isn’t always up my alley. I knew I’d like the Paper Crane because James Brown nails Connecticuts.

As for today’s topic, I guess I will talk goats.

We just got our first two goats for the farm. A doe and a wether. They are Nigerian Dwarf goats and have been in the works for months now. We finally got to bring them home on Saturday.

I have always liked goats, and we always figured we’d get some for the farm, however, we weren’t sure when. Then my wife started doing some research and has become all about milking goats. She decided on Nigerian Dwarfs for a combination of size and milk production. 

Unfortunately, our doe won’t be bred until she is two, so we won’t be milking in the spring unless we get an older doe… Which is likely going to be the case. Especially since we may have our foot in the door on a proven milk producer, but we’ll see in the fall.

As for names, the doe is named “Mabel” (or “Mable”. I am not sure how my wife wants to spell it). The wether is unnamed at this point. We are having trouble deciding that. Any ideas?

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