Blog > Rambling Session - Furniture Butter (05/02/2024)

Rambling Session - Furniture Butter (05/02/2024)

Rambling Session - Furniture Butter (05/02/2024)

Yesterday I missed my post because I got super swamped. 

This morning I didn’t feel like having a cigar when I got up, so I didn’t. Therefore I have no smoke to report on today!

As for today’s talking points, I had something that I wanted to discuss yesterday, but now that I am writing this I cannot remember it. So I am just going to talk about wood finishes. 

So I have been putting finish on my current guitar build for some time. This go around I am doing Walrus Oil Furniture Butter for the neck. So far in my builds I have tried Tru Oil, Polyurethane, I did one painted, Walrus Oil Furniture Finish, and now the Furniture Butter. They all have perks and disadvantages. Except paint. Never paint a neck. Someone wanted it. I think it was stupid and impractical.

Anyhow, as of now, the Furniture Butter may be my favorite choice. I have really liked the product. Prepping the surfaces is easy with oil finishes like this because you apply it and then come back later and wipe off the residue. Since it penetrates the wood as opposed to building up a real film, you avoid bugs, dust, etc in the finish. It goes on easy - just dabs some on a cloth and wipe it on. Best of all, after a few coats, you actually get a thin build that will polish up to a real nice shine.

Now, it doesn’t get as shiny as 20 coats of Tru Oil, or buffed and polished Poly or sprayed lacquer. However, I don’t always like that level of shine. Sometimes it just looks a little fake over plain wood. Now, over paint, that’s a different story. When it comes to this body, I will be going for more shine. Though I will likely stick with a wipe on finish. Probably wipe-on poly. I just like the simplicity of a wipe on product

Durability will be the real question with the Furniture Butter. That being said, that is an area something like penetrating oils and waxes shine - you can spot fix. So if the neck finish doesn’t hold up for eternity, no sweat, just clean it off and wipe on some more Furniture Butter.

I am always looking to try new things, but I may stick with this stuff for some time.

Take care,


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