Blog > Rambling Session - Cigar Reviews (01/08/2024)

Rambling Session - Cigar Reviews (01/08/2024)

Rambling Session - Cigar Reviews (01/08/2024)

So it has been quite awhile since I did a cigar review - August 1, 2023 is apparently the date. I drastically reduced my reviews towards the end of 2022 and certainly the beginning of 2023. 

I just became busier and typically am working on things when I smoke. If I try to review a cigar then that slows down whatever else I am working on. It made reviews more like work than enjoyment. So I slowed down to a stop.

I recently started thinking a bit about them again and decided to start picking up reviews again. However, there will be a few changes. 

  1. I am only going to post them on I just don’t see the value in completely reposting the reviews across two platforms. Especially since I will just make a mention in that day’s Rambling Session if I do a review. 
  2. I am going strictly short form with the reviews. I used to do a few formats of reviews. Regular reviews had much more formatting, pictures, and words. “Vitola Battle” reviews were a longer long form review that involved smoking a blend in multiple sizes and ranking them against one another. “Sessions'' reviews were my short form reviews. The “Sessions” format will be more or less what I do moving forward.
  3. They won’t be on a schedule. I just can’t manage that at this time.

Today marks my return to reviews with my morning smoke. You can check out my thoughts on the Julian Sued Restaurador Mareva HERE! I always enjoy his cigar.

Do you value reviews? I honestly don’t read reviews anymore. I haven’t for years. I have nothing against them, and think they’re great for the industry. I just don’t value them because I’m a “taste for myself” smoker.



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