Blog > Rambling Session - Celtics Loss to Pacers (01/09/2024)

Rambling Session - Celtics Loss to Pacers (01/09/2024)

Rambling Session - Celtics Loss to Pacers (01/09/2024)

Man, the Ref’s botched the ending of a great Jalyen Brown performance last night…

So, it should be known that I am a Celtics fan and a big Jaylen Brown fan. I think that he is a phenomenal talent on both ends of the floor and I think that he is all too frequently, and unjustly, painted in a negative light (or at least a not-good-enough light). Okay, he doesn’t have the best ball handling skills and sometimes his decision making isn’t great - actually, I should say “wasn’t” great because he has been on a different level this year with his court vision and decision making. And to be honest, his handles haven’t looked too bad!

Anyway, last night he went for 40 in the 131-133 loss to the Pacers. The Cs had a poor third quarter, which isn’t terribly uncommon for them unfortunately. However, they pulled it together and it was a heck of a game - and still was - but damn the refs really screwed up the ending. When JB took the last shot for the Celtics, with just over 3 seconds left in a tie game, I could see how the officials could have elected to play on and not call the foul. But how in the hell do you call the foul, then watch replays where you clearly see Buddy Hield make solid contact with the back of Brown’s head at the exact same time (and maybe even slightly before) he touches the ball, and then OVERTURN the foul??? Then proceed to make a terrible explanation that doesn’t suffice, and then call a BS foul on Porzingis to put Benedict Mathurin on the line with 0.6 left? 

Terrible call. Again, if they would have straight no-called it, that’d be one thing. But in order to overturn a call you need clear and conclusive evidence. In this case, the only clear and conclusive evidence was that the foul was the RIGHT call.. 

Oh my.. 

I don’t know what question to ask today. Maybe, what’s your take on challenges and replay reviews in sporting events? Should there be more or less of it?

Anyone, the Celtics are still like 2.5 games ahead of number 2 in the standings and JB put on a clinic going for 40, 5, and 2 on like 65% shooting. 

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