Blog > Rambling Session - Building on Spec (02/06/2024)

Rambling Session - Building on Spec (02/06/2024)

Rambling Session - Building on Spec (02/06/2024)

I have been working on a guitar build that is full of firsts for me. It has been going pretty well, and I enjoy the challenges that come with doing things for the first time. I also enjoy learning from the mistakes along the way and the chances to be creative in an effort to remedy the mistakes. I am in the midst of the biggest challenge/mistake/creative moment right now involving the fretboard…

I’m not going to get into the specifics on it, but what I wanted to talk about regarding this build was the joy of it not being a commission piece. My guitar building is something that I really enjoy doing as a creative outlet and a chance to work with my hands to create a unique piece. Of course I want the end product to be in the hands of a buyer, but I have found with this project that I like not having a buyer lined up…

My time is pretty limited and that can make any project that has an associated deadline, or even just someone patiently waiting on me, stressful. I already put a lot of pressure on myself to perform and be perfect. The added stress of hitting a deadline just wreaks havoc on me mentally and physically. The other perk that I have really embraced and enjoyed with this build is that since it is being built on spec, I have total freedom on what I do. I had a vision in my head when I started this build and it has since changed several times. Sometimes because of a new idea in my head, others because I ran into an issue and had a chance to come up with a creative solution/alteration. This has been EXTREMELY freeing for me, and has really changed how I view and handle mistakes.

Anyhow, as for my smoke this morning, I went with the BLK WKS Killer Bee Connecticut. I LOVE this cigar. It has long been one of my favorite Connecticut Shade cigars. It is a nice size, it’s full of flavor, and has some oomph to it. Definitely check this one out!

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