Blog > Rambling Session - Build Update (04/04/2024)

Rambling Session - Build Update (04/04/2024)

Rambling Session - Build Update (04/04/2024)

This morning I was back in the workshop and I lit up at Casdagli Villa Casdagli Corona Gorda. When I first smoked the Villa line shortly after its release, I honestly wasn’t crazy about it. However, as of late, I am a big fan of the Corona Gorda and Robusto. They are both super solid offerings.

I really don’t have anything in mind to talk about today so I’m just gonna talk about where I am at with my current guitar build. 

This morning I was working on leveling frets and started working on crowning them. I got them all levels, but I only got through crowning four or five of them before I had to go. Historically fretwork has probably been my least favorite aspect of guitar building. For whatever reason it is one of those tasks that just rattles me a bit, even though it's really not at all difficult and errors can be corrected. 

This go around has been better though. My frets all seated fine, for the most part, and I have a couple new Music Nomad tools that are proving helpful - their fretboard shield is great for protecting the wood, and their fret leveler beam is super nice. 

The body of this one has been grain filled and sanded. I am ready to put a sanding sealer on it, however, I haven’t fully decided on the color I want the body to be. I want to tint the sealer so that I can start getting color on it, that way I get a headstart on color before the top coat finish. I am leaning towards a black body. I think the black body would look good with the maple neck with a padauk fretboard and maple inlays. I also think I may use a piece of maple and make a unique pick guard. 

Next week I will hopefully get these frets crowned, dressed, and polished. Then I will decide on the body color and get some sealer on it and start getting some finish on the neck as well. I’m getting there…

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