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Rambling Session - Basketball & Books (06/10/2024)

Rambling Session - Basketball & Books (06/10/2024)

I have been inactive with these Rambling Sessions posts for the month of June thus far. I had some things come up that took a lot of my time and energy, and these posts were one of the things that got put on the backburner. 

This morning I was back in the shop working on this danged body that I have been experimenting with, still trying to get color on it in a manner that is durable and has a great look. I smoked a Tabernacle Connecticut 142 David. The David vitola is really a neat vitola. I like a slimmer perfecto like this.

I have a lot to talk about, but I am just going to ease back into this and touch on a couple less serious things.

For one, the Celtics are up 2-0 against the Mavs in the NBA Finals. I am feeling pretty confident they will end this in the next 3-4 games. The team has looked good, other than that 3rd quarter stretch in game 1, and the poor shooting from deep in game 2. The big thing is, however, they have been very good defensively, and the fact that they won game 2 on a bad 3 point shooting night is huge. 

Jrue Holiday has been on a tear and I am so happy with the acquisition this off season. He is a dog on defense and just a perfect fit offensively. Jaylen Brown has been dang good this series too. His efficiency has been great, his defensive presence and energy have really made an impact, and despite some bad turnovers last night, he has seemed to be making a lot of great plays. Derrick White continues to make big plays on both ends of the court, and Al Horford is Al Horford and I love what he does even when he’s not scoring. 

Kristaps Porzingis tweaked his ankle or leg again last night and that caused a scare, but he and the staff seem to think he will be okay (or at least that’s what they said). I think that the Celtics can close this out without him, however, he is an important piece to what takes the Celtics from very good to dominant. As for Jayson Tatum, he had another poor game. I know you can look at the stats and argue that he is rebounding and getting other guys involved, and that is true, however, when you watch him play right, he just does not look good. He’ll turn it around though. If he does it over the next two games, we may be looking at a sweep..

For the Mavs, it comes down to Luka and Kyrie. Luka is going to get his, but as crazy as it is to think you can say this after a 32-11-11 triple double game, he hasn’t “gone off” yet. He’s going to have to if Kyrie doesn’t get his play sorted out. This is a tough matchup for the Mavs and I really can’t see them winning 4 out of the next 5 games..

On another not serious note, I have finally started to get into novels a bit more. I remarked before that since I started reading I have been into non-fiction. I think I currently have gotten my fix on that and lately have really been more into the idea of fiction. I finished One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest last week and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I tend to like the classics, however, I have found that the writing style is not always my cup of tea. Sometimes they get a little needlessly wordy for my tastes. So after some digging around I put in another WOB used books order and got a mix of some classics and some newer works.

I am starting to experiment a little with the genres as well to get a feel for what I like. Right now I am reading Qualityland by Marc-Uwe Kling and I am enjoying the satirical nature of it. As outlandish and futuristic as it is, it really parallels a lot of current societal issues. 

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