Blog > Rambling Session - Balance (05/31/2024)

Rambling Session - Balance (05/31/2024)

Rambling Session - Balance (05/31/2024)

This morning I woke up and, for the second time this week, just did not feel like getting up and working in the shop. So I didn’t have a cigar this morning to mention. However, I missed yesterday’s post and I did have a Patina Habano Rustic. As always with Patina - I was quite pleased.

This morning I didn’t even fall back asleep. I just chilled in bed for 30 minutes and then got ready for work. 

Typically I have been pretty good about not being hard on myself for not working in the shop in the mornings if I don’t feel like it. That is a huge step for me, as my 30 minute shop time is, in a typical week, my only shop time. And that is okay, it is my choice. However, this morning I did have some regrets. 

In the past when I have regretted not working on something when I could, it was because I was under a time crunch. I have since completely gotten away from that with no intent to return because I just plain do not have the time to ensure deadlines with guitar builds are met, and I do not have the capacity to manage the stress that comes with meeting said deadlines. 

That being said, I cannot completely avoid self instituted deadlines. I have been working on this build for much longer than I have wanted. Now, the reason it is taking so long is because I am doing many things for the first time and that always takes longer. I also have encountered some issues that have resulted in multiple days of repair and then multiple days of rework. I also have been experimenting with finishes and that alone has cost me multiple weeks. That was the hard part about this morning - I am nearly complete with the finish work on the body and will be able to move onto final assembly soon.

All that to be said, though I felt some regret this morning, it hasn’t been that all consuming regret (and associated stress) that I have felt in the past. I have managed to achieve some level of balance in my busy life and I have learned to be flexible and adaptable with each day. It isn’t always easy, but it is a skill I wouldn’t want to trade.

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