Blog > Rambling Session - Are You a Box Buyer? (03/22/2024)

Rambling Session - Are You a Box Buyer? (03/22/2024)

Rambling Session - Are You a Box Buyer? (03/22/2024)

Are you a box buyer?

The box buyer is certainly a gem for a retailer. It is a satisfying sight to see an order of that value, and it validates the decision to carry a particular cigar. 

When I started to invest more in inventory and expand my brand offering, box options were not really a priority, or quite frankly, a fiscally possible option. If I wanted to offer more choices, I couldn’t over purchase quantities of individual brands. As a result, for the longest time, I did not offer boxes/bundles.

I decided to make the change this year and began purchasing more of each cigar I brought on. Much of this is the result of the support I have gotten from you - the customer. As I have reached more consumers and found consumers willing to trust and support me, I have been able to further improve my inventory. As a result, I can bring in larger quantities of cigars. 

That being said, I still, outside of special orders for customers, rarely sell boxes or bundles. I have better luck with 10 count boxes and/or bundles. However, that is not really the industry standard. 

My best selling options (I offer singles, 3 packs, 5 packs, and boxes/bundles of most items) are still singles. I expected this from the very beginning and will always expect this. I was/am a consumer. I also did not have extraordinary discretionary income when I was purchasing cigars as a consumer only. I could not justify purchasing 5 pack minimums on cigars I wanted to try. That is the exact reason why I knew, above all else, when I started the site that I was going to always offer singles. 

I would love to always have in stock singles, packs, and boxes/bundles of every offering I provide. However, at least at this time, that is not an option. To be honest, unless I see an uptick in box/bundle purchases, keeping boxes/bundles on hand may not even stay a priority. I see far better success by having a variety of options versus maintaining more stock with less variety..

I love my box buying customers and will always go out of my way to work with them to source what they are looking for and offer a damned good price. Consider that.

Take care,


P.S. The Accomplice Maduro was solid as always this morning.

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