Blog > Rambling Session - Celtics Basketball (12/20/2023)

Rambling Session - Celtics Basketball (12/20/2023)

Rambling Session - Celtics Basketball (12/20/2023)

I don’t think I’ve talked basketball yet on one of these (besides maybe playing some basketball). Several weeks ago I decided to try to be a bit less involved in following closely along with the Celtics. The Celtics are my team, and I want to be more invested in them, however, the more invested I am and the more I watch their games in real time, the more I let shortcomings and losses impact as if it actually matters. 

For instance, when I made that decision some time ago, they were losing a game I was watching (I can’t remember which game) and it was noticeably affecting my mood. I don’t like that. I don’t like things out of my control to have the power over me to change my mood, my outlook, and impact my actions. 

My simple solution was to stop following along as much with the games in real time, and to just catch up with the highlights sometime the following day. This actually worked quite well for a bit. I was able to follow along with what was happening with less investment. It was more of a mindset shift. It helped that the Celts have been playing well and winning..

Last night they played the Warriors. I couldn’t watch any in real time because of it being a west game. I never have confidence when they play the Warriors since they lost to them in the finals in ‘22. I just felt that the Warriors took something from them after game 4 of that series. It also brewed up a little resentment towards the Warriors in me and now every time they play it is like a rivalry game to me.

This morning I made a critical error and looked up the game results shortly after getting up… Months back I started not looking at my phone beyond the time, weather, and finding a podcast until after I got some work done in the garage and did some reading. It has dramatically changed how my mornings go and sets my day up for a better chance of success. So this morning I broke that rule and looked at my phone to see the score, and then I see the Celtics lost an easily winnable game in OT. I got more aggravated to see that Tatum had the ball at the end of regulation and went with the classic iso game and chucking a bad contest three instead of driving for a chance at a 2, a kick out, or drawing a foul. Classic “star player” ball…

At least Jaylen Brown had a good game.

Anyhow, for you sports fans out there, how do you keep from getting too emotionally invested? Or do like being fully invested?

As for today’s smoke, it was a cold morning - the perfect kind for a short smoke. I grabbed the Aladino Petite Corona from my Short Smokes sampler. These are killer little smokes full of delicious baking spices, citrus, wood, and Creamy Cuban-esque “twang”. Definitely check that sampler out!


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