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Rambling Session (12/19/2023)

Rambling Session (12/19/2023)

This morning I smoked a Fosforo Habano Corona. This was my first go with this size, as I just brought some aboard. I am a huge fan of the robusto, and now I am a big fan of the corona - though they are different. The robusto has notes of “creamy earth, baking spices, wood, and subtle sweetness” as I mentioned before. This corona is a bit bolder and richer leaning towards leathers, earth, dark fruit, and pepper. 

It is always interesting to see how a blend can be a different experience when the vitola changes. I used to do “Vitola Battle” reviews to showcase this more. As for this Fosforo Habano, I like both vitolas a lot. I don’t know that I have a favorite overall, but I definitely would lean towards one or the other depending on the moment.

One thing I will say about the corona is that it is a vitola I wish was more common. I always say a petit robusto is my favorite size, but that’s only because there are more of them than there are 5 x 48s. Now, Fosforo lists these Coronas as 5 x 46, but I think its a little fatter than 46. I have always thought that if I blended my own cigar, I would try to blend a killer 5 x 48. Something about that fits my preferences perfectly.

What’s your favorite/perfect vitola?


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