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Rambling Session (12/18/2023)

Rambling Session (12/18/2023)

Bedtime in our household had been pretty wonderful for many months. After plenty of struggles in the newborn phase up until the 1ish year mark, we were finally in a spot where I could take my daughter back to bed, hold her and talk to her for a few minutes, then set her down and walk out. No fuss! She even got to the point where she started walking herself back to bed and asking to get in her crib.

A few weeks ago she started becoming very clingy, especially with my wife. Then about 4 or 5 nights ago we started resisting going to bed and getting VERY upset once she was sat down in her crib. It was frustrating. Friday night was terrible. She fought sleep for hours, and we tried several things. She didn’t get to sleep until midnight after rocking her for about an hour straight.

The following night started out much the same. I needed a break from trying to get her down, and when I came out to tag my wife in, she showed me an article about the 18 month sleep regression that included a note about peak separation anxiety. It made perfect sense given the struggles, clinginess, and the not being able to walk out of her room. 

I thought we were past sleep regressions.. But at least knowing that cause has removed nearly all frustration for me. Now I just lay her down and hold her hand till she falls asleep. Yea, it's 30-45 minutes of sitting in a dark room, but it works for us, and I know it won’t last.

What were(are) some of your sleeping inducing tricks?

As for today’s cigar, I went with the Powstanie Habano this morning. This is another great Powstanie blend! It was full in flavor and body, and maybe medium in strength. There was a lot of nice, creamy baking spices, vanilla, citrus, earth, and a little pepper. It performed perfectly and was actually a great morning smoke!


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