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Rambling Session (12/17/2023)

Rambling Session (12/17/2023)

I’m slacking. 

I knew once I missed the first post, I would have trouble committing to subsequent posts IF I had a busy or long day. Now I’ve missed 4 posts…

It’s not a big deal - I’m not a blogger or writer, but it bothers me. I didn’t decide to write these posts as close to daily as I can because of being a writer, but merely to share some thoughts and to hopefully practice and spur creativity. 

Some days are hard, not because I can’t think of what to write, but because of motivation. Time isn’t an issue in the normal sense - I can always squeeze in 10-15 minutes to type. It’s an issue because when I’m busy and my time is limited I can lose motivation. So I guess these posts are a practice in motivation. 

I didn’t smoke anything today, but yesterday I smoked a Principle Holiday Bauble and a My Father Le Bijou Petite Robusto. The Bauble was great and the Le Bijou was the only one of the handful I’ve smoked that hit my palate pretty well. 

The Bauble is an annual Christmas release. It’s always a solid blend in a fun shape. What’s your favorite holiday cigar?


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