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Rambling Session (12/14/2023)

Rambling Session (12/14/2023)

Yesterday I got in the SBC22 from Powstanie Cigars. SBC is short for “Surrounded by Champions” and pays homage to all those that are critical to the success of Powstanie cigars. I didn’t realize until I was opening the shipping box that these were gift wrapped boxes. I was greeted by the most delightful purple wrapping paper I have ever seen. Each box was carefully and perfectly wrapped - I hated to open one to get in. 

When you remove this beautiful wrapping paper you are greeted by an equally elegant and artistic box. When you open the box there cigars are proudly on display and the message about the cigar is written on the lid. Then you look at the band on the cigar and the eye-catchingly flawless barber pole wrapper. Honestly, this is the best display I have encountered. 

Beyond the wrapping paper, there are no real frills. The wrapping paper really set it off, especially that beautiful purple that ties into the purple bands. The green with the purple is an incredibly powerful combination as well. The whole experience is a cross between elegance and street art and I am here for it. 

What’s the best display you have seen in recent memory?

I hope the SBC22 is as good as the amazing Powstanie Broadleaf Robusto I smoked this morning. It has been too long since I smoked one of them, and I definitely won’t wait so long in between this and the next! What a great profile of full flavor and body with loads of leather and caramel. There was not a bunch of strength and just enough pepper to let you know it was there. Fantastic stuff..


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