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Rambling Session (12/09/2023)

Rambling Session (12/09/2023)

Today was the ever glamorous poop day around here. Kicked it off with my one and a half year old spotter helping me clean up the yard from the dogs. I carry the scooper and bag, she follows and yells “ewww!” and points at any piles she finds. 

Then it was time for the barn. In the warmer weather we can go multiple weeks without doing the barn because the pigs and horse are outside most of the time. Now that it’s cooler out, we have to get back into the routine of doing it weekly at the latest. After that, it was chicken coop time and finally, the dry lot. 

It’s a good excuse to get some time outside this time of year. Plus, the heat is in the tools, so I don’t really mind. 

Right now, we have 14 chickens, 2 Kune Kune pigs, a mini horse, 2 dogs, and a farm cat. Any animal people here? What do you have?

I got in a couple smokes today in the process. First was the Julian Sued School Bus 2. It was a fantastic Connecticut cigar. Loads of creamy vanilla to start with some mushroomy earthiness and a touch of citrus and baking spice on the retro. The final third was all cinnamon Red Hots candies. 

I also smoked another Le Bijou for the forum contest. Ehh. 


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