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Rambling Session (12/07/2023)

Rambling Session (12/07/2023)

I’ve recently talked about making plans for the upcoming year and how I have been working on my inventory. I also have some other plans 2024 - a couple things that I think will be beneficial for the site and you. 

One of these is something I have been extensively working on again the last couple days after I thought I had it resolved a couple months ago. I am looking for a way to offer a better, easier checkout process. I wish that I could offer PayPal, Apple Pay, or Shop Pay. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t work when you sell age-restricted products such as cigars. I have been doing a lot of research and talking with various developers in an effort to come up with a solution that uses my current payment gateway. Hopefully in the new year I will have a revamped checkout process that makes things easier and quicker for you all, but it will depend on a number of things that I cannot control.

Another thing I have been doing some looking into is SMS. I would love to give you all an option to receive SMS messages in conjunction with, or opposed to, emails. Some of this is for marketing purposes, of course, however, I would love to be reachable in the event anyone wanted to chat or needed some help. Again, with age-restricted products, it is not as simple. However, I think I do have a lead on this as well. If I can manage to pull both off the way I want, then I can really do some cool things for you guys…

Is there anything that you like to see added or improved as it relates to communications and the checkout process?

As for today’s smoke, I didn’t have one. I woke up with a pretty annoying headache this morning, and the idea of smoke did not seem appealing or like it would help. I threw a small Joya Red 4 x 32 in my lunchbox before I went down to work in the garage in the event I did want something on my way to work. I did not. 

Take Care.


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